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Webcam photo gallery

Here are some of my favorite shots captured on my webcam when it was in operation....Enjoy!!!!

(These photos are (for the most part) in chronological order.)

Camera Logos


Spanish Fork (Temporary Residence)

Webcam Logo

Spanish Fork Logo 2

Bill at KC7HUB

Playing around with KC7HUB's video equipment

Some special effects from KC7HUB's video equipment

My house in Spanish Fork

Ham Shack Cam!!!!

Snow shot

Another snow shot

Getting a Bath


Taffy (Living now with KC7HUB)

Blub, Blub, Blub

Ham shack cam

Celebrating Christmas

A shot of the front room

Bill and Taffy

Who farted? 6/12/02

The First snow fall, exact date of photo unknown, taken in November 2000

This photo was taken in November 2000, sorry I don't have the exact date, Notice the snow on the mountains

Fire in the sky...9/4/00

Mountain downpour on 8/4/00

First view of the mountains since 7/27...taken 8/4/00

A view on 7/27/00 at 12:59 PM

What a difference a few hours make! This one was taken at 3:12 PM the same day as the smoke from the fires burning in Utah covers the area

A Nice cooling summer shower 7/25/00

A Spanish Fork Sunset taken 7/9/00

First view from my new house 6/30/00

Spanish Fork (Temporary residence)

A shot of the moon from my temporary residence in Spanish Fork on 6/13/00

Me & KC7HUB clowning around for the WWW audience...6/3/00

Deep in thought...or something like that

Lightning strike taken 5/28/00

Another lightning strike...notice the thick bolt!!


This was not an explosion but a lightning strike

My Provo Apartment

The tree filling my view in Provo 4/19/00

Joe Goria

View of my S.W.L. shack in Provo taken 4/3/00

The view from my place in Provo on 3/25/00