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In Memorim:

 Ellynor Arbuckle

Mother of William Wolverton

September 14, 1917 - April 13, 2000


  This is a tribute page in memory of the late Mrs. Ellynor Arbuckle.


Ellynor Arbuckle in Hawaii in 1979


Ellynor Arbuckle with Son William in 1952


Ellynor was born in the city of Elbing in East Prussia on September 14th, 1917. Her maiden name at that time was Ellynor Kraushaar. 



Eblang, Poland which was formerly Elbing, East Prussia.



During the Russian troop invasion in 1945, Ellynor's family escaped Elbing, East Prussia to the Western part of Germany. I was told by my mother that they had to  travel by foot across a section of the Baltic Sea near the coast which was frozen.

Their home and property were bombed and destroyed by the Russian invaders.

Ellynor had 10 sisters and 2 brothers.


Around 1950, after the war, Ellynor was working for the US owned 'Stars and Strips" Newspaper in Hiedelburg, West Germany where she met and married Arnold V. Wolverton, who was a Chief Warrant Officer serving in the United States Army and Ellynor assumed the name, Ellynor Wolverton. She gave birth to a son named William in 1951, then a year later, her husband Arnold got transferred to Arlington, West Virgina and in 1955, Ellynor became a naturalized United States citizen.



 Ellynor and her Husband Arnold Wolverton with son William

        in Heidelberg, West Germany


In 1955, Arnold, Ellynor and son William went to Japan due to military transfer orders. She lived in Japan until 1958, when she decided to separate from her husband Arnold and moved back to the United States with her son and settled down in Pasadena, California for a year, then at the end of 1958, Ellynor then took William and moved back to West Germany to be with her other German relatives, living in the city of Wiesbaden as well as Oldenberg and Bremerhaven. In 1963, she sent William back to the United States to live with his Grandparents in Oregon, She joined him in 1964 when she moved back to the United States.


In Oregon, Ellynor meet Alvin Arbuckle in 1965 and got married to him in 1968 after officially filing divorce with her first husband Arnold Wolverton, becoming Ellynor Arbuckle. Ellynor and Alvin Arbuckle settled in Corvallis, Oregon and lived there till 1979 when she seperated from Alvin Arbuckle and moved up to the Portland, Oregon area to live with her son. She divorced Alvin Arbuckle in 1983.



Ellynor Arbuckle with her husband Alvin Arbuckle




In1985, she moved to be near her son, who had moved to the Dallas, Texas area and then during the late Fall of 1985, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona with her son in phoenix 1986 then moved to a residence for seniors in Phoenix due to her health situation. In 1988, she moved to the Los Angeles, California area where her son had started a new job and she lived with her son till 1990, then moved to a senior care center in the L.A. South Bay area.


Ellynor Arbuckle at Redondo Beach, California in 1991


 In November of 1994 her son moved to the Provo, Utah area and shortly thereafter, she moved to the Provo, Utah area to be with him. Due to her failing health, she became a resident of the Orchard Park Care Center in Orem, Utah and late in 1999, she was diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer and on April 13, 2000 at the age of 82, she passed away as a result of the cancer.