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Important notice:

William Wolverton has passed away from cancer, he died early 11/9/2015 in Payson Utah

I am updating this website some pages still have old menu bar.

If you have memories of Bill please email them to the link on left.

This page will remain up and operational as long as I can afford it.



William Wolverton


This page is dedicated to the memory of Bill Wolverton KI7F/SK


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My name is William Wolverton and I am located in Denver, Colorado. I am an Amateur (Ham) Radio operator and my FCC issued amateur radio call sign is KI7F. I am active on SSB, CW, PSK-31 and other modes on the various HF bands as well as FM and packet on 2 meters and FM on the 220 and 440 MHz band. Go to the Amateur Radio section of this website for more info about my amateur radio hobby.

I am also an avid shortwave radio listener and would like to hear from other shortwave radio listeners as to what is being heard and logged on the shortwave radio bands. I listen a lot to International Shortwave Broadcasters as well as do some occasional AM broadcast band DX listening,

Feel free to browse through my website where you can view photos, videos, and other topics of interest.

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John 3:16 & 17

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