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Some Personal History

     I was born in Heidelberg, Germany in the year of 1951 (West Germany back then.) My father, who was born in Sandpoint, Idaho was an American serving in the US Army in Europe and my mother was a German national (Although she was born in Ebling, East Prussia.) For more information about my mother who passed away back in April of 2000, click here.

     My parents stayed in Germany for a year after I was born, then my father was transferred to Arlington, West Virginia where we stayed for about 9 months, then my father received orders from the US Army for an assignment in Japan. So, from the time I was approximately 2 years old till I was nearly 7 years old I was living in Japan at several US military dependents housing compounds, including a a US military housing complex called Green Park as well as Washington Heights in the Tokyo area. At the end of 1957, My mother separated from my father and I returned back to the United States with my mother via ship (SS Sultan) where we lived in Pasadena, California for about 7 months, then I went with my mother to Germany where I lived in various Germany cities including Wiesbaden, Oldenberg, and Bremerhaven and mostly attended German public schools, including the well known Oranienschule in Wiesbaden. At that time, I began to speak German quite fluently although these days I have forgotten most of the German language.   In the early part of 1963, My mother sent me back to the United States by air to live with my grandparents in the state of Oregon (My grandfather was a Baptist pastor.) and I continued my education in the 6th grade. I lived with my grandparents in a small Oregon coastal town called Alsea, Oregon which has a population of 200 people, then in 1964, I moved with my grandparents to a some what larger town called Philomath, Oregon which is located about 5 miles West of Corvallis, Oregon (Home of Oregon State University.) and about 85 miles South of Portland, Oregon. I graduated from high school in 1970. While I was living in Philomath with my grandparents, I became interested in the amateur radio hobby and earned my amateur radio license in September of 1967. For more information about the history of my amateur radio hobby, click here.


     Just after my high school graduation, My grandfather became ill and had to resign from the ministry and due to complications from a stroke, he had to be placed in a senior care center. (My grandmother passed away back in 1969 and so my grandfather was single at that time.) I then moved to Corvallis, Oregon in the late Summer of 1970 to temporarily lived with my mother and her second husband Alvin Arbuckle. While living in Corvallis, I became active with the college-singles fellowship at the First Baptist Church in Corvallis where I also sang in the congregational choir for a short while and was also involved with Campus Crusade for Christ which did Christian out reach on the Oregon State University Campus in Corvallis. I also was quite active with the ham radio hobby at this time as well.


     In June of  1971. I joined the U.S. Navy, attended Navy boot camp at NTC in San Diego, California, then after basic training, I spent a few weeks at the basic electronics school at the Naval Training Center then I continued my technical schooling at the Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare School in San Diego where I was trained to become a sonar technician. After completing my sonar schooling, I was assigned to the fleet and for the rest of my 6 year Navy enlistment, I served as a sonar technician on three different ships Home ported either on the West or East coast or in Guam.  During my time on these three different ships I was able to visit many countries in the Far East and in Northern and Southern Europe and also saw some combat action off the coast of Northern Vietnam. During my time in the Navy fleet I visited many ports in various countries including, Japan, The Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong (before is was part of China), Malaysia, Vietnam, various Pacific islands, Italy, Sicily, Holland, England, Norway, Sweden, France and Spain.


     After I was discharged from the US Navy in Norfolk, Virginia in June of 1977, I flew back to San Diego and lived in the San Diego area till the end of 1978, then I moved back up to Corvallis, Oregon where I temporarily moved back in with my parents, than I lived in Albany, Oregon where I took a few semesters of classes at Linn-Benton Community College, then I moved back to my parents, then I moved up to the Portland, Oregon area in the middle part of 1979 where I was hired by Tektronix in Beaverton, Oregon as a QC Technician where I was employed till April of 1985. My mother became separated and divorced from her second husband before I moved to the Portland area and so she lived with me for a while during the time I was living in the Portland, Oregon area. In April 1985 I left my job at Tektronix and moved down to the Dallas, Texas area for about 7 months where I held various jobs and also started taking classes at Devry Institute of Technology. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in the Fall of 1985 where I held different jobs at high tech companies, then I continued taking courses at the Devry Institute of Technology where I graduated in 1988 with an associate degree in  electronics Technology. I then was interviewed by a major Airline for an avionics technician job and accepted a job position at LAX in Los Angeles, California. I then lived in the Los Angeles South Bay area till September, 1994 when I was layed off from the airline company I was working for and then I moved up to the Provo,Utah area in December of 1994 where I eventually was hired by a helicopter company where I worked in the avionics field. While I lived in the Provo, Utah area, my mother, who was getting up in years, lived with me for a short while, then she had to be placed in a senior care center due to her failing health. My mother passed away in April of 2000 due to health problems. In 2003, The company I worked for was acquired by another medical helicopter company located in the Denver area and I accepted a job offer with the new company and moved to Denver, Colorado where I have been living ever since.


A few more things about me.


My favorite foods: Lasagna, Nachos, Steaks cooked rare, Baked and mashed potatoes. All kinds of sea food. Chinese and Mexican food. I always enjoy dinning at buffet restaurants! .


My Favorite Beverages: Barques Root Beer, Pineapple flavored soda and coffee of course! (I for the most part do not drink alcoholic beverages.)


My Favorite hobbies: Amateur Radio, Short wave radio listening, AM broadcast DX listening,  Part 15 radio broadcasting, Surfing the internet, Collecting fluorescent rocks and minerals, digital photography and playing around with an acoustical guitar or keyboard instruments as well as MIDI stuff. (I am attempting to learn to play electronic musical keyboards as well as acoustic guitar.)


Music listening interest: All kinds of pop music, especially the pop music hits from the 1960's. Contemporary Christian rock music as well as contemporary Christian worship music. I also love listening to classical music such as classical symphonic music as well as classical and religious choral music such as compositions written by well known composers such as JS Bach and song by choirs such as the Kings College Choir, Thomanerchor and other well known choirs. etc. and I have a passion for pipe organ music, especially those historic pipe organs.